House Training A Dog

House Training A Dog Is A Simple Way To Train Your Dog

When you own a pet it gives an immense satisfaction and a company of your choice. The real fun begins when the turn of training comes the way. The way you give input, give a result in accordance with it. Now the question is whether your dog is a reactive to changes or not and the other is his grasping capacity. House training a dog needs effort from your side and your understanding of your new companion. There are behavioral changes that a dog undergoes which requires special attention from dog owner side. When the behavioral changes are known you can train your dog accordingly with the consultation of a trainer.

The basic training involves

House training a dog is best done when the dog is at its puppy stage. That does not discourage you having an elder dog to your family and the basic training involves from the side of the master, who has to be patient with the dog. In the first step play with your dog with toys or snacks or games, this helps in motivating. Whenever you find any reason to appreciate it make sure you never loose it as it encourages the pet doing the rightful activity. You can award him by giving him food or patting him on his back.

House training a dog has a few steps to be followed and when strictly implemented by you then find a healthier relation is developed between you and your dog. To start with

– Call him by name

Dog is an animal that require attention from your side and help him relating to his name. Keep on calling his name and when he responds to it in the beginning make sure you do not forget rewarding him.

– Know his need before

The dog needs to go out for his daily routine and it is you who need to adjust with it. There are a few people who try to adjust their pet according to their schedule and this can be done when you work hard in enforcing such thing on your pet.

– Talk with your dog in mild voice

When the dog gets used to you he can understand when to take you seriously and when not. When you practice talking to your pet with calm voice this bring him closer to you and your loud voice commanding No makes him realize not making any mistake.

– Reward your dog

Rewarding does not only mean giving him food at his praiseworthy act but he can be rewarding by simple patting and address him saying Good, as the repeated use of this word at this good activities makes him relate to the fact that this word is used at his good work.

– Relate him to familiar words

Make house training a dog in a way that he relates himself to the situation. When he command him with words like come, sit, eat, go, bad and good, make a point to relate to these words.

– Repeat

The training process requires you to repeat the training process that helps in better learning of the dogs.

All these help in house training a dog with no hassle and this help in good jelling with your pet.