Bird Dog Training

Various Aspects Of Bird Dog Training

Bird-hunting is a sport which brings forth enthusiasts from the world over to the woods and fields abound with the aerial prey. It can be a very relaxing activity and can make one forget the humdrums of everyday life. It is very important to have a good dog with the right Bird dog training to point out the birds to his master. Otherwise, locating the birds can be an almost impossible process. The dogs are specially trained for this and you cannot have just any untrained dog to meet the rigorous requirements of searching for the birds in a large open area. The dogs have to be extensively trained. The Bird dog training may take a lot of effort but a good trained dog will be well trained dog will be an asset worth its weight in gold for the master.

Bird dog training usually has some basic concepts for all the breeds and makes of dogs. The specially bred dogs are trained from an early age so that they grasp the right concept early. The Bird dog training typically starts when the dog is 10 to 12 weeks old so that he can be nurtured in the way the trainer wants. The initial steps of training are as follows:

– The dog is made to search for eatables in the pockets of the trainer so that his olfactory skills are honed. This practice makes the mutt become more organized in using his nose and learns that its use can fetch rewards.

– The subsequent step involves the introduction of the dog to a game bird. The first bird usually chosen for this leg of the training is a common pigeon. Any signs of excitement are duly noticed by the trainer who then calls the mutt ‘birdy’ and then rewards him. This is a type of conditioning which makes the dog realize that its bird finding skills will fetch him a nice treatment by the master.

– The naturally talented dogs are made to hone their skills by the introduction of relevant games. At times, a bird wing or feathers are attached to any object and it is made to move. The dog is then encouraged to point at the bird look-alike, thus enhancing its pointing abilities.

The lesser trained dogs

– The dogs are passed through numerous stages of Bird dog training and are subsequently made to go in groups during their outside trips. Such an exercise is beneficial as the lesser trained dogs can observe the trained ones and pick the process naturally.

– Any signs of unacceptable behavior exhibited by the dog can be rooted out by the trainer by keeping the mutt on a long leash. The dog can be scolded if it goes too far away from the hunting pack or if it seems more interested in other things.

The right trained dog

These simple and organized Bird dog training tips will go a long way in training a mutt to become a perfect companion of a bird-hunting lover. The right trained dog can be a cherished companion for you in those relaxing moments of bird hunting.