Dog House Training

Dog House Training: Train Your Dog

Giving a dog an in-house training or dog house training can be a challenging and tiresome job. However, this can be made easy if an individual knows how to do it correctly. The foremost thing when one starts to house train a dog is to understand his body language. That is to say, a dog can not speak for himself.

Where the dog can relieve himself

So, a trainer should be able to make out from the signs the dog makes for different things. For instance, usually when a dog feels the need to relieve himself, he starts to put his nose onto the ground and sniff frequently. As soon as the trainer observes this, it is the duty of the trainer to take him to a place where the dog can relieve himself. This needs to be done only initially, because with the course of time dog will itself learn that, it is the place where he should relieve himself and after a few days he will start going there on his own.

A trainer should also be aware of the timings the dog normally relieves himself. This is generally, immediately after waking up in the morning or after meals or playing. Another step of dog house training is to use phrases such as “be quick” or “hurry up”, when the dog relieves himself. Once he has finished, the trainer must praise him. This way, he will learn that he can relieve himself when the mentioned phrases are spoken.

As dog house training is a real difficult task so a lot of perseverance, time and efforts had to be put in by the trainer to see the final outcome. So, one should not even consider giving up the task if things are not going by your side initially. In fact, this is beneficial for the trainer itself. This is because; the dog will not spoil his bed any longer and call upon you or go to the correct place himself whenever he wants to relieve himself.

Dog observes your actions

Furthermore, when a dog starts growing old, they become lazy and do not respond to your call. To encourage a response from them, phrases such as “good girl” or “good boy” prompts them to respond quickly. Some praise is also necessary for the dog whenever he does something good. Also, with the course of time, dog observes your actions. They get to know when to take your words seriously and when to ignore them. So, it is important to talk to them in a calm and controlled voice to make them listen to what you say and act accordingly.

Last but not the least, is the recognition of the word “come” in dog house training. This is for the reason that if you are out with your dog when you do not have his leash, in order to keep a control over him, there should be some verbal control that is known to him which stops him from doing the wrong things. So, these are the certain points that will help you for effective dog house training.