Dog Obedience Training

The Growing Popularity Of Dog Obedience Training

It is a common thing to hear that a dog is a mans best friend. Dogs are one species of mammal that have a long history of relationship with humans. From hunting to forensic investigations dogs with their acute sense of smell prove vital importance to human relationships. However not all dogs prove to have an obedient relationships with humans especially when you have adopted one recently. But there is no reason to worry as dogs are great learners and can prove to be obedient through proper training techniques. Dog obedience training is just one way of integrating your relationship with your favorite pet.

Why are dogs disobedient?

Every animal has its needs to satisfy to. Depending on how well a dog is nurtured in terms of its food, play and other behaviors it is important to judge what it is lacking. It is mostly when a dog is not satisfied with all its requirements that it proves to be disobedient. A dog usually behave disobediently in the following criterias-

– Embarrasses you in the public.

– Excessive whining, barking and biting.

– Behave aggressively.

– Gets frequent fight with other dogs.

These are just some of the criteria that you can base your dog disobedient behavior upon. With Dog obedience training one can perfect the dogs behavior significantly. The training involves certain manuals on dog training that come packaged with a video that enables one to correct the dog behavior.

What does a dog training program feature?

Through Dog obedience training one can train the dog to adapt to various behavior settings some of which include-

– Sitting

– Toilet(potty) training

– Calling by name

– Aggression control

– Eating

Many of the dog training programs teach dogs to be obedient by elaborating on the Pavlovian method of conditioning. The training program usually involves conditioning exercises through which dogs are present a rewarding stimulus such as food, and only when the dog completes the behavior that is desired that he is rewarded by the food. This method of classical conditioning is widely used in Dog obedience training.

On the Internet itself there are various sites that provide users with tips in order to train the dog. These obedience tips enable the user to maintain a disciplined behavior in the dog which will control its aggressive behavior and also prove beneficial to you developing a warm relationship with the dog. Through dog obedience training you can avail the following advantages-

– Understanding you dogs needs

If you are adopting a dog for the first time then it is necessary that you do not expect close rapport between you and the dog. Your dog will grow in the relationship, but you have to be there whenever its needs arise. Aggressive behavior in dogs is the sign for most dog owners which suggest that the dog is not getting adequate nurturance.

– Increased appreciation for you dog

Dog obedience program is designed to foster a sense of warmth between the dog owner and the dog. It is not the trainer who is developing a relationship with the dog but you and the dog feature as key aspects to the success of the training program.

Dog obedience training continues to be a dynamic field for fostering a nurturing environment for dogs. As dogs are quick learners you can teach you dog obedience in just a couple of weeks.