Dog Potty Training

Dog Potty Training Helps In Keeping Your Home Tidy (524)

When you have a dog then it is fun but side by side you should be ready taking up some responsibility of this new member. Dog potty training is the first step with regard to your dog training process. When you take a dog make up your mind whether your dog is to be taken outside the premises of your home or inside. The dog going for potty needs to relate to a particular command that helps him knowing that it is time for potty.

Spending time with your pet helps you know when your dog is to go for this activity and when you realize it, give the commanding words. This potty command of yours, makes the dog happy that his master is full of joy and excitement and when he is doing repeat the command again and again.

When you have a yard in your premise the dog potty training becomes easier and make a point to take him to the same spot for this activity. The study on dog potty reveals that the fragrance of his last activity helps him going quicker. The morning and evening walks to your dog is required to sticking to a particular time and make a point to use commanding words and praises. This encourages the dog and helps him to relate to the fact that when any such activity is done by him then he is going to be praised by you.

Dog potty training in the beginning stage of your companionship

You may face problem in dog potty training in the beginning stage of your companionship as when you ask him not to go in the home then you ask for holding it. When you have a fenced yard the potty comes as no issue but when you have a small confined home then dog potty training comes as a helping tool.

The potty timing of your dog is to be set by you and needs you to pay attention noting the time and when you do not stick to the schedule than it is cruel some from your side. This activity requires your dog to be free so let him be free and comfortable in open air. When he returns back give accolade him praise for this regular habit. Your dog may take sometime for adjusting with this scheduled work, so be patient and never loose temper punishing him.

Helping the dog potty well

When your dog potty training is confined to indoor then you need to be patient as in his early stage it cannot control his potty urge. In such case you can keep the pet in a confined area of fence with lots of newspaper spread all over the floor. You can better keep it in a dry space with in your bathroom. When the early stage is crossed spot a place in your home that your dog can use for future nature calls, that is far from his bedding or food area. When your dog starts circling around that singles it is time for its potty and it is time for your commanding words. When the potty is done start praising him and this is required to be repeated helping the dog potty well.