Dog Training Obedience

Importance Of Dog Training Obedience

Buying a dog is an easy task compared to training him. Owning an undisciplined dog is embarrassing and is a reflection of the irresponsible upbringing by the owner. Dog training obedience is the main purpose for which dogs are trained.

The training of dogs enables them to understand your instructions and obey them. They eventually become a part of your family so they should be trained so as to understand your commands like ‘sit’, ‘go away’, ‘run’ and other instructions.

Dog training obedience techniques

There are several training schools that provide dog training obedience techniques to the dogs. Also, you can buy books on dog training in the market and can even buy CDs. CDs are a better option as you can easily and clearly understand the Dog training obedience techniques. There are various sites that cater to dog training needs and provide detailed information on dog handling. It is advisable that incase you wish to send your dog to a Dog training obedience institute, select the institute that is recognized by a governing agency. Also, the faculty should be experienced. You can also talk to people who have sent their dog to the training institute.

Obedience Training in other words makes the communication between your dog and you effective. As a result the owner and pet bonding strengthens, and you become more attached to your pet. A disciplined dog will listen to all your instructions and you will enjoy playing and cuddling him.

In the absence of obedience training, dogs can disorganize your house. They can dig holes in the garden, wrestle with other dogs and even unnecessarily bark at them and can destroy the household articles. An undisciplined dog will chew wooden furniture rather than chewing his toys. Also, he will eliminate inside the house instead of going outside.

Dogs always should be called by their names. However, incase if you are angry over them do not call them by their names. They should be given food at specific time and be taken for walk in the morning and at night. Any misbehavior of the dog should not be tolerated. Just like kids, they should be made to understand things with affection and love. Take care never to punish your pet dog as it can hamper with his learning process. Do not ever shout or lose temper at your pet.

Dog and an owner relationship

Dog training obedience should be started at an early age. This is because after a certain time they are unable to learn effectively. Dogs can also be taught to lick hand, roll over and shake hands. More than any other thing it is the love and warmth that matters in a dog and an owner relationship. A dog can be taught to learn anything and obey commands with affection.

Dogs are the most loyal pets and keep you stress free. Provide dogs medicines and vaccinations on time so that they are adequately protected. There is nothing that a dog can not love with love and affection. So, to a have a disciplined dog handle them with care.