Gun Dog Training

Gun Dog Training: Exercises And Equipments Required

People do enjoy hunting for a bird, but while one is hunting it is important to have a trained dog that can help you to point at a bird and retrieve it afterwards. However, gun dog training is a tiresome task that requires a lot of time. A dog have to be trained well before it actually goes in the wild along with his master when his master is about to initiate his hunting session.

Before the inception of gun dog training, to make the dog a good retriever at the time of hunts, it is essential for a dog to know the basic skills of obedience such as standing, going, coming, sitting and others. The trainer should make sure that the dog takes his commands seriously and acts accordingly. A dog that does not listen to his master and is rowdy can become a main reason to spoil the fun during hunts. This is because, it may be possible that the dog may get scared of geese and run off to a faraway place fearing any creatures in the wild that may risk the shot being set by the huntsman. This may lead to any further damages.

The basic lessons of obedience

After the basic lessons of obedience, there are a few basic equipments that should be a part of gun dog training. This ensures positive results. A polypropylene rope is the foremost that can be counted in the list. The ideal length of the rope should be 30 feet or greater than this. This rope will be helpful for the trainer to control the movements of the dog in the hunting and training sessions. Without this rope, it will be difficult to control the dog from moving astray at the time of hunting exercises. Another important thing is to carry a gun along with you at the time of training. In most cases, dogs fear the sound of guns and other loud noises. So, to make them used to such noises and face them without any fear, a gun is necessary. It is better to carry a handgun than a shot gun. It will be easy to carry as one might also be having other training equipments. Call training bumpers and dummies will also be required to train the dog to fetch things. These are available in several colors that depend on exercises of gun dog training that will be used to train the dog.

Mild electric shock to the dog

The dog should also be able to recognize your whistle when he is being called upon. The voice of a person may not be audible clearly especially when your dog is standing at a certain distance. At this time, the voice of a whistle is heard more distinctly and clearly as it is louder. This will alert the dog not to go astray and to come back towards you. Another person will be needed who will throw the bumpers in the air as a replica of the falling of birds. The dogs collars are also available that give a mild electric shock to the dog. This will help you to correct any wrong action of your dog at the time of gun dog training.