Hunting Dog Training

Importance Of Hunting Dog Training

Taming the Wild Hounds

Usually, hunting dog comprises of unique variety in terms of strength, agility and they are the masters of phenomenal power in comparison to any street dog or exotic variety of small pets on any given day. These pets are a strict no for the faint hearted and keeping them in an enclosed place or family can be potentially dangerous due to the nature of these dogs if they are left untrained. These dogs are highly regarded for their raw power and extreme force. Thus it becomes a must for Hunting Dog Training. Amongst the hunting dog the premium breed of dogs is known as Hounds. Further these hounds are differentiated on levels such as:

Coon hounds, Sight hounds and Scent hounds

Coon hounds specialize in stalking the prey through scent and sound. Sight hounds specialize in attacking the prey through sight, one of the popular variety is Whippet who have sharp eyesight and athletic in stature. Scent hounds corner their prey by strong sense of smell; some of its popular breed includes Basset hounds and beagles that have a terrifying bark. Such variety is also known as gun dogs.

Hunters who are accompanied by these hounds catch their prey with the help of these hounds as they act as the pointers who zero on the prey once the hunter has shot the prey. These hunting dogs can be classified in another category such as Retrievers who after the hunt bring the carcass back to their master.

Curs are basically that breed of hounds which is not afraid of tackling an animal twice to its size, whereas Terriers are those who track the pray and drag him out of its hiding area. Thus given the nature of the hunting dog and given the nature of this breed, it is necessary to impart and equip training to a hunting dog. Thus these dogs have to be trained so as to make them all weather friendly so as they can sustain rain, hailstorm, heat and cold weather.

Hunting Dog Training requires a great amount of care and patience as these hounds are ferocious in nature and are ready to attack even the master, thus it is necessary to train such hounds at the beginning or at their young pup stage. However training a hound even in its adult stage is no problem if one is able to decipher its mood and temperament. Obedience to the master should be the first lesson which should be successfully imparted in the process of Hunting Dog Training. It is a must that the dog is able to ascertain the voice of its own master in a crowd or in an unknown place. This decides the perfection with which the dog has mastered his training given by his master. The basic Hunting Dog Training given to the dog comprises the games where the ball is thrown and the dog is commanded to fetch it at once.

Hunting dog during its training

Slowly and gradually the hunting dogs are taught tackling games and drills for consistent practice. Once the hound is well trained it will be easy to handle and command at any given situation. Thus, one has to patient enough while handling the hunting dog during its training and grooming.

Thus, there is a great need for Hunting Dog Training as they prove a great hunt companion and safety measures as a well trained dog will be alert and prompt in its services.