Obedience Dog Training

Obedience Dog Training And How To Go About It.

With the nuclear family structure, dogs are increasingly becoming part of most families. A dog is treated just like the children of the family would be treated. However, just as in the case of children, your pet can turn out to be a brat. An irritable or aggressive pet can be a hazard to you as well as to the people around. So, dogs ned to be trained about the ways of going about things the way children are taught to. Obedience dog training is one of the best ways to train a dog. Although some people see obedience dog training as demeaning, it is an essential part of a dog upbringing. Obedience dog training helps you communicate better with your dog and keeps him as well as you away from trouble.

Obedience dog training is a slow process which takes a lot of time and patience to be put in on your part. As a starting point, make your pet understand the importance of good behavior and begin by using simple commands and instructions. For example, simple commands such as ‘off’ or ‘stay’ should automatically make your dog understand that the thing he is tampering with has to be let go of or that it is time to stop roaming about and to sit down.

Obedience dog training helps

Obedience dog training helps in creating a hierarchy in the house and the dog comes to understand that you are in charge of the things. However, such a hierarchy should be established using peaceful commands rather than harsh methods. If you treat your dog well, he will respond by obeying you and respecting your wishes. For beginners, who want Obedience dog training for their pet to be done in the house, the best way to start is to use a method which rewards him for obeying simple commands. The training should be such that the dog thinks that Obedience dog training is actually a rewarding experience.

Such non-aggressive but persuasive methods go a long way in enriching the relationship you share with your dog. Other points to be remembered are to let your dog know that you appreciate his obedience. This is important since it has been noticed in many cases that the pet owner lack of acknowledgement and appreciation of good behavior leads to bad behavior. Your dog needs your attention when he behaves well. Give it to him.

Basic dog training course

You always have the option of training your dog at home after getting a basic dog training course. Such courses providing Obedience dog training to dog owners are available everywhere nowadays. After the initial training, the simple commands can be introduced in different situations or be made more complicated. This kind of training would help your dog be obedient to you in different situations. For instance, if you plan to train your dog to obey you inside the family car, make sure that he is trained on a stationary car or when some other person is driving so that he is in a better position to obey you in a real life situation.

Once your dog has been trained properly, the amount of confidence you have in him and therefore your ability to let him enjoy his freedom increases considerably. Apart form this your dog also becomes much more confident about himself.