Potty Training Dog

Potty Training Dog Tips

Keeping a dog is an easy task but when it comes to training them people find it a difficult job. Dogs have to be trained regularly and that to from an early age so as that they are disciplined and listen to all your commands. Dogs are like kids they have to be taught to understand and follow your commands. Instructions like ‘sit down’, ‘go away’ and potty training dog have to be given to him.

To give potty training dog first you have to consider whether you would like your dog to defecate inside or outside the house. It is also important that whenever your dog goes to toilet, you have a command for it. It can be ‘pee time’ or ‘go out’. Give the instruction to dog with excitement and joy so that he feels that you are proud of him.

Crate training teaches the dog

It is advisable that you go to same place for potty training dog. This will instill a habit in your dog to go himself for defecating purpose from an early age. Take your dog with excitement all the way. It is better if you take your dog to a garden area. Potty training dog also includes teaching the dog to contain it. If you do not have an open area in your surrounding, you can go in for crate training. Crate training teaches the dog to contain it.

However, do not leave your dog in crate for a long time. The crate should be comfortable and warm so that your dog uses it conveniently. Keep praising and encouraging your dog for listening to the instructions. Gradually increase the time period that he spends in crate. Do not punish the dog if he is not picking your commands too well and is unable to spend time in crate.

Training schools that training your dog

There are various training schools that training your dog and instill in them all the necessary habits. You can search on the Internet for various training schools. It is better to select a training school that is recognized by the governing body. Also, it should have an experienced staff that gives individual care to dogs. It is recommended that the owner should accompany his dog for the training sessions. This is because in this way the owner will become acquainted with the training ways.

Never tolerate any misbehavior of your dog. Always scold him if you find his behavior intolerable or else he will continue to misbehave and be a cause of embarrassment to you.

A puppy who is 10 weeks old is unable to control his potty. So, keep extra newspaper at your place so that puppy can use it. Also, keep cleaning the floor time and again so as to avoid infections at your house. Later direct dog to a particular area at your place, so that he will go to defecate. Check the pawns of your dog so as to make sure that he did not walk in his potty.

Potty training dog is an essential part of dog training. He should be trained at an early age so that when he needs to go potty he will tell you.