Training A Dog

Importance Of Training A Dog

Dogs: The best friend of man

Since ages dogs are known to be the best friend of man. They are sharp, alert, and get along well if living in a family. Historically speaking, dog (Canis lupus familiaris) is considered to be a species of wolf. In terms of variety, the breeds of dog comprises from huge Greyhounds to small Chihuahuas. Even the coat of the dog can be found in various textures such as smooth, curly or woolen. Training a Dog is essential in order to keep your dogs in obedience.


Origins of training a dog can found around 15000 years ago around 4240 B.C. Some of the oldest breeds of the dog to be domesticated were Chow Chow, Basenji Shar Pei, and Akita Inu. With their friendly nature and usefulness dogs became a constant part of agricultural practice and domestication. During ancient times dogs lived along with Kings and Queens in their castles. In Middle Ages till late Eighteenth century the iconography of dog is found as a faithful and friendly mammal; in Seventeenth century England poodle was official dog. During the reign of King Louis XIV of France many dog grooming parlors were made. Usually the grooming of dog can be traced from Elizabethan age onwards.

Usually dogs are considered to gregarious lot which are social in nature and can be tamed. This quality of dog is due to its high level of animal intelligence as they a knack to adapt in any given situation quite comfortably thus it becomes necessary to impart training to dog. In modern times training of dog is not only carried out for domestic needs but for various purposes such as search-rescue operations by police departments; they are also used as guards for livestock, humans and property; they also prove valuable for herding; sledge pulling; assisting the blind people; they are also used in hunting expeditions due to their strong sense of smell and in many other ways in which they are trained appropriately.

Of late, pet grooming and training a dog has been a growing demand as well as a booming business in the pet industry. With the arrival of exotic breeds such as Pomeranian, Poodle, Sheltie, Shih-Tzu, Pekingese, and Lhasa Apso; the need for pet care and training a dog has considerably increased.


In terms of utility and training, dogs can be classified in various categories such as –

Hunting Dogs, Rescue Dogs, Guards Dogs, Herding Dogs, Detection Dogs, Therapy Dogs and War Dogs.


Usually training a Dog shows increase in work and quality. Ii is advisable and easy to train a puppy rather than an adult dog. It is necessary to get your dog vaccinated and trained in its motions so that he does not litter around your place. If the dog is living in a family than it becomes necessary to instruct him about being obedient by curbing his wild nature and teaching him like a kid. Once the dog is fully trained it will prove to be a great asset rather than a cause of constant fear or torment to people around you and your family.

Thus, training a dog is a great need of the dog lover as well as the requirement of organizations which require services of dogs. A trained dog will be easy to handle in terms of its mood swings and during the time of its ill health.