Training Dog

Training Dog – Improve The Behavior Of Your Dog

The bad conduct of a dog is as exasperating as the spoilt behavior of a small child. However, we can still say that dogs are improved learners as compared to children. Only the correct training techniques are required to help them learn the right behavior. There are various training dog institutes that are available nowadays. However, it is better that the owner visit the institutes with their dogs in person. This will help them understand the improved techniques of training their dog and make them rehearse it, when at home. There are many unique techniques that have come up to train dogs. These not only aid the dog in understanding the command of his trainer or master, but also bring about an improvement in his general everyday behavior.

Video clips and books that are accessible on training dog

There are various video clips and books that are accessible on training dog. These give the master a knowledge about the conduct or behavior that should be maintained between the dog and his master. That is to say, between the dog and the trainer the bonding should be such that both of them depend on each other. Both should respect each others feelings. This will give way to admiration among them. It is better to start training dog at a tender age which is the time when his habits are formed. This enhances good behavioral reactions in dog.

Once reprimanded for wrong deeds, the dog will be able to understand that bad behavior will not be accepted. In a similar way, he should also be appreciated by gentle patting or phrases such as good boy or good girl, or giving him the food that he likes to eat, for a good deed. However, it should be noted that initially dogs may misbehave at times, but the trainer has to tackle the situation with a patient and calm mind. Such situations should always be handled in a docile and friendly manner. Punishment is of no help to improve the behavior of a dog.

Training dog is as essential

When training dog, there should be an attempt on the part of the trainer as well as the family members to communicate with the dog. It may be possible that initially they may not understand what has been said. Gradually, this problem will be solved and he will start understanding your language and thereby your commands. Sit, stand, run are some of the most basic commands that are taught. Shaking hands is also one of the most common things that a normal dog can be taught easily. They can also be taught to bring the newspapers, relieve themselves only outside the home and other such things. This will help them understand their position in the family and give them a feeling of being considered as a member of the family. Whenever your dog learns a new trick, let him earn the food, walk and other such things that he loves as rewards. This will encourage him in learning more new tricks and behave properly. So, training dog is as essential as teaching etiquettes to a child.